Water Softening Systems

Water Softener System

A water softening system provides silky soft, fresh water for all uses. It feels wonderful on the body, and bathing is a breeze. Soft water means crisp, pristine laundry, and fresh glasses and plates without the stains. The cherry on top? Less energy used.

Limescale deposits that can build up in your pipes and water systems aren’t an issue when you add a water softener system. These deposits can create a less efficient heating system, because even a coating of limescale just 2mm thick can cause a 20% increase in energy consumption. A water softening system can see to this, creating a more efficient and affordable system.

Water softening systems are great for removing calcium and minerals from hard water.

The minerals that can be found in hard water often create calcium deposits and build-ups in your appliances, such as your dishwasher or washing machine and even your hot water system and valves.  This hard water can also stain shower screens, glasses and cookware, as well as your sink. It can even lead to blocked taps, shower heads, and more.

At best, the result is an inconvenience. At worst, it’s a costly repair!

Keep your appliances and plumbing in tip-top shape

It’s important to maintain your appliances and plumbing to the highest degree. Malfunctions and long-term damage can occur, thanks to hard water and the scaling and mineral deposits that come with this. Calcification in your pipes can be very difficult to repair, and often requires a replacement. Softening your water with a filtration system will give your appliances a longer life, reduce blockages and limit cleaning of limescale.

We can choose the right system for your requirements and install the system with ease.

Reduce scaling with water softening systems

Scaling occurs when minerals build up and create deposits, namely calcium.

As we mentioned above, scaling can cause blockages in plumbing and impact the efficiency of your appliances. A water softening filtration system is a great way to combat this scaling and ensure that your appliances stay in great condition, for much longer.

Softer water also keeps your shower walls, floors, fixtures and fittings free from scaling. You’ll be able to maintain that brilliant shine throughout your bathroom. Soft water makes cleaning so much easier, and there will be no need for plenty of elbow grease or hours of polishing.

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Have you had your water tested? It’s important to know whether your area is classified as hard water. If it is and you do not have a softener system, your appliances may well be feeling the negative effects without you even knowing.

These systems are ideal for areas classified as hard water, which may well be your area. Water is classified depending on how many milligrams of calcium carbonate are found in each litre. The classifications are:

Soft water:                             0-60mg/L

Moderately hard water:        61-120mg/L

Hard water:                            121-180mg/L

Very hard water:                   181mg/L <

Higher ratings will inevitably result in scaling and a build-up of minerals. The system reduces spotting and stains, and removes calcium and sediment from the water itself, making it ‘softer’.

There are a number of benefits to softer water for you and your family (or colleagues). When bathing, softer water is much better for your hair and skin. This is because the minerals that can strip away the moisture from your skin (calcium and too much magnesium) have been removed by the softener.

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What Is Hard Water?

Hard water contains minerals like limestone, iron, sulphur, magnesium and calcium. This kind of water is often drawn from sources that run through mineral deposits in the ground, as with bore water.

If the minerals in hard water are not removed, they will cause scaling. This is a build-up of the minerals in your plumbing, including pipes, taps, and drains. If scaling is serious enough, it can even block plumbing and reduce the lifespan of your appliances, such as hot water units and dishwashers.

Hard water can also affect our bodies! If you have sensitive skin, the minerals in hard water can cause all kinds of skin problems. It’s also unhealthy for your hair, causing it to become dry and dull, or even brittle. Hair colours will also fade faster when washed regularly with hard water.

And then there’s cleaning… whether it’s dishes, sinks, your bath or your shower, scaling can be really tough to remove. You’ll need stronger detergent and more of it, harsher skin and hair products, and it will take longer to clean. Not exactly ideal… and it’s more expensive!

The good news is that you can avoid all of this with a water softening filtration system.

The Benefits Of Water Filtration/softening Systems

We all use plenty of water throughout the day. Whether we are bathing, drinking water, brushing our teeth, washing our hands, or cooking… we’re using water. In fact, the average Australian uses about 274 litres of water every day!

Appliances also use plenty of water. Dishwashers, washing machines, and heating systems require water to function.

However, the minerals that are found in hard water can have a negative impact on your appliances. These minerals will build up over time in the piping and systems themselves. This leads to your appliances becoming inefficient… meaning they’ll require maintenance more often and won’t last as long!

Filtered and softening systems will remove these minerals from your water. This saves you money in the long run, because softer water is much better for your appliances, and you! It also saves the environment by reducing waste.

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