Bathroom & Laundry Renovations

Bathroom Renovations

Shore Plumbing & Gas offers high-quality plumbing and gas for your bathroom, laundry, and kitchen renovations for homes across Perth. This includes:

If you want to freshen up your wet areas, we are here to help. We’re here to deliver plumbing and gas alterations and installations for your bathroom, kitchen or laundry renovation.

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Bathroom renovations Perth

A quality bathroom renovation can make all the difference to your home and adds plenty of value. But it needs to be done right. The good news is that Damian is experienced and has performed countless bathroom renovations to the highest standards for both private clients and large renovation companies.

We can install:

We’re also adept at repair and maintenance work. So if it’s bathroom maintenance you require, we’re ready to help. For more information on our Perth bathroom renovation services, contact Shore Plumbing & Gas today.

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Laundry renovations Perth

Renovating your laundry can breathe new life into a tired area. We can ensure your laundry is functional and visually appealing, with quality appliances and premium plumbing work.

Laundry renovations will include:

Laundry renovations Perth

We’ve got the experience, and we hold quality workmanship above all else. We’re a local business and we’ve been delivering quality bathroom, laundry, and kitchen renovations for Perth residents for more than a decade. We use premium materials, and we take pride in our work. When you hire Shore Plumbing & Gas, you’re in safe hands.

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