iStore is a highly advanced hot water system. It utilises airflow to heat your water, greatly reducing power consumption and carbon emissions. At Shore Plumbing & Gas, we supply and install iStore hot water systems for a range of clients across Perth.

We’re all about finding the best systems for our clients. For many of them, iStore is the perfect solution to their hot water needs.

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How does iStore work?

The iStore system is 400% more efficient than traditional hot water systems, and it’s completely environmentally friendly. So, how does it work?

This system is incredibly efficient and makes for a much more environmentally friendly home.

Does an iStore system reduce my bill?

It certainly does. The iStore system can reduce your power consumption by up to two-thirds. Over the course of a year, that means a significant saving for your household. Hot water can result in large gas or electricity bills over the course of the year. This is why we encourage our clients to seek more efficient options, like the iStore.

Can you install an iStore system in my home?

We certainly can! We’re here to help our clients explore their hot water system options. If you’d like to discuss the iStore and whether it’s a good fit for your home, simply get in touch with us today. We’d be happy to help