Toilet and tap service repair

There are a number of issues that require toilet and tap repairs in Perth. This includes running toilets, broken taps, dripping taps, overflowing toilets and sinks, and much more. At Shore Plumbing & Gas, we’re experts in providing toilet and tap repairs for homes and businesses in Perth. And we’re ready to help you!

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What causes toilet problems?

The main cause of leaking or broken toilets is damaged components within the mechanism itself, namely the flush assembly.

Inlet valves that are cracked can cause a broken seal, thereby causing a continuous flow of water. This can eventually lead to an overflow and flooding. A misaligned float valve can also prevent the fill line from stopping, resulting in water passing the top of the cistern.

We will inspect your toilet unit and locate the source of the problem. Then, we’ll replace the damaged part and ensure the unit is working properly

What causes tap problems?

Taps can be subject to all kinds of problems. Often, a dripping tap goes ignored for quite a while. But this can be a risk because a dripping tap can turn into a more costly issue down the track. Quick tap repairs are important for homes and businesses around Perth.

The most common causes of leaking taps or tap issues are:

We’ll use our experience and expertise to identify the problem with your tap and rectify it quickly.
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